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Russian Experience of Fish Auctions Was Presented in Korea.

Russian Experience of Fish Auctions Was Presented in Korea. Photo – Far East Auction Fish House.

Delegation of Far East Auction Fish House presented experience of fish product bidding at the auction and exchange trading floor within the frames of branch international exhibitions held in Busan and Seoul. Negotiations with the Korean business will be continued in Vladivostok.

This year at one of the largest international fishing and fish-farming exhibitions – Busan International Seafood & Fisheries EXPO 2015 (BISFE 2015) – Primorsky Krai with the assistance of the regional Center of Export Promotion presented a series of governmental and business projects. Foreign partners got interested, together with new mechanisms of territory development (priority development areas, free port Vladivostok), in experience of conduct in Russia of the first auctions and stock trading on sale of derivative products of aquatic bioresources. This direction was presented at BISFE 2015 by the delegation of Far East Auction Fish House JSC.

Head of the Department for Auction and Stock Trading at FAFH JSC, Anna Veis, told Fishnews that our countries are old partners on the issues of fish trade. “Korea lacks its own fish; naturally, they are interested in buying Russian products. That is why experience of auction and stock trading of fish products, new in our country, was of big interest for the Koreans,” said the representative of the Exchange.

Russian neighbors in APR have long-term experience of e –trade with catches, in Busan, in particular, there is the biggest night wholesale fish market. An e-auction system helps fishermen to sale catches already at sea, that is why almost all products from incoming catch of a vessel are sold to buyers right after unloading. The remaining products are sold to numerous restaurants, shops or at a market not far away from berths.

“E-trade with fish products in churned out here. Even though a wholesale customer does not see a good being purchased in advance, all transactions are successful, and everyone is satisfied with this scheme. That is why out system of auction and stock trade with fish at the trading floor of Saint Petersburg Exchange was not a new thing for foreigners. On the contrary, business and associations opened for this type of cooperation quickly got interested in details of trading floor work. We will continue to discuss possibilities of our cooperation with many of them later in Vladivostok”, informed Anna Veis.

Delegation of FAFH also visited an exhibition in Seoul – Korea machinery fair 2015, which took place in the end of October too.

At the same time, according to Anna Veis, reaction of private sector to colleagues from Russia was somewhat tense. “Did it happen because of a language barrier on their part, or was it a result of general instability in political and economic situation in Russia – it is hard to make definite conclusions. Yet, we can positively say that we have found common ground and interests with all foreign partners that are ready for cooperation in the sphere of stock and auction trade”, noted Head of the Department at Far East Auction Fish House.


Date: 05.11.2015 All news