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Atlantic mackerel found buyers at the auction

Successfully held its first auction of Kaliningrad fishermen on the electronic platform of the Exchange "Saint Petersburg". Popular among buyers enjoyed Atlantic mackerel: a couple of hours in the auction has sold more than 140 tons of fish for the price from 113 to 153 rubles per kilogram.

Auction for sale of fish products of the "FOR" the companies held on 30 November. auction was organized by the Exchange "Saint-Petersburg" in cooperation with Far Eastern fish auction house.

In total, during the trading sessions it was sold 12 lots - 142 172 kg of fish products in the amount of 18,732,668 rubles.

According to the auction house, sold all the lots of frozen Atlantic mackerel b / g catch August 2015 ultimate price for mackerel larger than 300 g was 152-153 rubles per kg (from the start - 140 € / kg.). Bidding on lots of mackerel size of 200-300 g started at the level of 107 rubles. / Kg and ended at 113-114 rubles.

Distinguished past auction buyers and activity. "Instead of the standard 60 minutes of trading session on most items continued until 1 hour and 45 minutes, was made about 23 bets before the establishment of the final price on average. It was promoted by a small tick (2 rubles per kg) and the size of the lots (5 tons). As a result, the winners were the individual entrepreneur and trading house of Nizhny Novgorod and Rostov, "- said the head of the auction and Fishnews exchange trading department of" Dard "Anna Weiss.

The next auction on the site of the Exchange "Saint Petersburg" with the support of the Far Eastern fish auction house will be held on 3 December. Buyers will be provided fishery products Sakhalin fishing collective farm "Druzhba".

Recall that the first real auction fish products on the exchange platform Far fish auction house held in May 2015. E-commerce conducted throughout the summer, and by the end of August, the winners of the auction to get fresh fish products of the first catches of salmon season 2015.

In September, the East Dard Economic Forum representatives have signed a number of agreements, including the administration of Primorye and Kamchatka Territory Development Corporation.


Date: 02.12.2015 All news