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Auction Salmon Reached Its Buyers

The last lots of Kamchatka humpback salmon and red salmon steaks bought out at the auction on July 21 were given to the bidding winner today. Thus, the seller and client of auctions that were held throughout the summer – fishing company Koryakmoreproduct LLC – settled all the contracts with bidding winners. Moreover, they did it before the set time (for buyers’ convenience) – before September 1, 2015.

A representative of one of the buying companies, Viktor Komin, told Fishnews that he was pleased with results of trade operations made at the auction trading floor. “Such format of work, via an e-auction, turned out to be very convenient and profitable for us. Registration, paying advances and other obligatory terms for bidding participants did not cause any problems. We received products exactly in accordance with the terms and quality stipulated in the contract”, noted the interlocutor.

In his words, an increasing interest to the auction and attraction of new companies, including foreign buyers, will not establish unhealthy competition but on the contrary will be very helpful for the Russian market.

Today Far East Auction Fish House (FAHF), together with which Saint Petersburg Exchange organizes e-auctions, is getting ready for the next auction planned on September 4.

Lots and their cost have changed as compared with the first bidding. According to organizers of the bidding, assortment of products presented has reduced, since most part of catch procured during today’s fishing season is already sold. At the same time there are some new products – red salmon and chum salmon single frozen, which is deemed to be a frozen product with the best quality.

FAFH also noted increasing activity on the part of potential buyers: more and more companies are registered, and geography of participation expands.

“On the eve of the next bidding we invited heads and specialists of fishing and fish-processing enterprises to a training seminar. Our meeting was confined to the International Fishery Congress taking place in Vladivostok during these days so that more interested people could learn basics of the auction trading with WBR and work in an e-system”, told Director General of FAHF JSC, Sergey Lelyukhin.

Deputy Director General of Saint-Petersburg Exchange JSC, Vitaly Kononov, specially came to the Primorsky Krai to conduct the seminar.

“We have planned numerous meetings with representatives of the branch business and authorities for the Congress. So we are to get ready for the next season and to make plans for catches during the next fishing seasons”, noted Sergey Lelyukhin.


Date: 27.08.2015 All news