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Kamchatka salmon has reached the auction

2According to the business newspaper Zolotoy Rog, the first chum salmon, humpback salmon, roe and navaga auction will be held in Russia on May 29. Over one and half thousand tons of fish products will be sold directly to any Russian legal entity. The auction will be held in electronic format at http://www.dvrb2014.ru in the electronic system of Saint-Petersburg Exchange JSC.

Finally, after five years of hesitating about organization of voluntary fish auctions, the first fish tails sailed into the electronic communication networks. The only company that dare was Koryakmoreproduct LLC. According to the lots set for the auction, the reserve price for humpback salmon HOF is 70 rubles per kilogram, humpback gutted HON is 65 rubles per kilogram, humpback round is 60 rubles per kilogram. Actually, in the run-p to the fishing season 2015 the price landmarks for Far East salmon have been placed. The reserve prices are almost the same as the price offer from fishermen manufacturers in 2013 but far lower that 2014 season prices.



Let it be reminded that fishing season 2014 jacked up prices up to 80-90 rubles per kg as early as in July. However, by the end of August the price for popular humpback salmon had shot up to 125 rubles per kilogram, and in February the psychologically relevant threshold of 150 was crossed. Analysts believe, the prices were forced up speculatively, and in the end Far Eastern salmon sales were cut almost twice. By February the companies that had used to sell 700 tons were unable to dispose of even 50 tons of humpback.

The price swinging and speculative approach of certain traders who are trying to extort maximum profit from fishermen and consumers can be eliminated by the fish auction system.

«“We have got some experience in conducting fish product auctions, - mentioned Koryakmoreproduct”. Last year we sold 2 tons of roe at the exchange. This year we decided to set for the auction chum salmon, humpback salmon, roe and navaga. The average lot size is 100 tons, affordable even for small size businesses. The contract deadline is September 1, 2015”.

As to chum salmon, the lot has been increasingly popular on both domestic and foreign market for the recent two years. Suffice to say that a retail price for chum today is 250 rubles up. At the auction, the reserve price is 95 rubles. Salted caviar (reserve price is 1,400 rubles) and frozen roe (900 rubles) are also offered for sale.



Photo 1: Packed roe is free from preservation agents


As a reminder, salmon roe manufactured by Koryakmoreproduct is considered to be a quality standard. In 2009 the company launched a new product – roe packed into 200 g cans. The salted frozen roe has no preservation agents, and salt content varies from 3.2% to 3.5% (the least available for the product type).


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