Client: Koryakmoreproduct LLC 

From May 2015 we organized 132 auctions on fish product sale at request of Koryakmoreproduct LLC.

Full company name Limited Liability Company KORYAKMOREPRODUCT
Region the Kamchatka Region
Director General of the Company Vladimir Nikolaevich Abakumov
Contact phones 27-02-92, 22-41-18
Company fax 4-18-06

«Koryakmoreproduct procures bottom-edible species of fish: flatfish, cod, navaga, Alaska pollock, as well as salmonid fishes. Since salmonid fishes are procured in places with almost no negative human influence, fish spawns in the natural environment, and high quality of the product secures active demand.

Завод ООО

The product is sold both at the internal and Chinese, South-Korean, Kazakhstan and American markets. The company owns a fish trawler, a transport refrigerated vessel, three small seiners MRS-150 and a shore station, which technical equipment is better than that in the Far East of Russia. Here for the first time issues related to fish scraps treatment in accordance with the requirements of the environmental Law were solved.

Производство продукции на заводе ООО



Client: Druzhba Fishing Collective Farm

Orders auctions from November 2015

Full company name Druzhba Fishing Collective Farm
Region the Sakhalin Region
Address 2 Oktyabrskaya St., Poronaisk, the Sakhalin Region, 694240, Russia
Chairman of the Board

Andrei Leonidovich Dolgushin

Contact phones (42431) 5-06-07
Company faxи (42431) 4-18-06

At present Production Cooperative Fishery Collective Farm Druzhba is one of the biggest fishery enterprises in the Sakhalin Region. Its history started on April 17, 1959, when administration of the Region decided to establish big fishing enterprise from six small fishery teams with a central farm in Poronaisk, and to name this united collective farm Druzhba.

 Доска почета р/к

Fishing fleet of the collective farm consisted of fifteen fishing boats, vessels of RB-80 type. 2,280 tons were procured during the first year. Year 1961 was a watershed year - the collective farm coped with required amount of fish. Years were passing, and its material and technical base was enhancing. The collective farm was awarded a prize and transferrable Red Banners of the USSR Cabinet for its achievements twice in 1963. Five best workers were given high distinction for their selfless work - the Order of Lenin. Its employees become two-time companions of Order of the Red Labor Banner, Order of the October Revolution and Order of the Badge of Honor for their dedicated work. Many fishermen earned USSR medals. In February 1988 collective farmers and employees of the fish farm made the only right decision and merged into one team.

Прибрежный лов р/к

Apart from fish procurement, the collective farm began to process fish and manufacture a wide assortment of fish products and canned food. During a period of their joined work volume of fish product manufactured increased 2-fold, and canned food - 2.5-fold. In 1997 a record output was achieved - 8,000 tubes. Daily output increased from 80 tubes to 200 tubes.

Участок технологической линии по переработке камболы

At present about 400 people are employed at the collective farm, and during a fishing season up to 300 citizens get involved. Fishing fleet in the amount of 10 small seiners MRS-150 and MRS-225 procure humpback salmon, chum salmon, flatfish, Alaska pollock, herring, navaga, pigfish and sea products in Terpeniya Bay of the Okhotsk Sea. Average annual volume of fish and sea products procured is about 12 thousand tons.

Пирс р/к

The shore stations of the company is presented by a complex of shops: fish processing, canning, caviar, smoke and dry, culinary, fish meal shops and refrigerating facilities (maximum annual capacity - 10,000 tons, 2,000 tons for simultaneous storage). Assortment of the readymade products include: refrigerated, frozen, smoked and dried fish, precooked foods, salmon roe, edible sea products, canned food and fish flour.

Икорный цех р/к

Average annual volume of fish product sales is more than 10 thousand tons with turnover of more than 400 mln rubles. It makes up about 50% of readymade products manufactured in Poronaisk area.

From the beginning of 1990s the collective farm conducts international economic activity. It cooperates with companies from China and South Korea, to which it exports its products.

Наважья путина р/к

For several years Fishery Collective Farm Druzhba has been actively participating in the international specialized exhibition “Fishing Industry”. It received several diplomas and medals for its quality products, golden and silver medals - for grained salmon roe, and golden medal - for canned “Natural Humpback Salmon”. Every year during the exhibitions the collective farm organizes sale of its fish products to people, including canned food, canned grained salmon roe, precooked and smoke and dried products.

Награды р/к

The collective farm connects its plans for the future with modernization of the fish-processing complex, widening of its product assortment, and application of technologies providing for deeper processing of food and sea products.


Client Dmitry Donskoy’s Block LLC

Orders auctions from November 2015

Full company name

Limited Liability Company Dmitry Donskoy’s Block

Region the Kaliningrad Region
Legal address

5a Dmitry Donskoy’s St., Kaliningrad, 236022

Actual address

57 A. Suvorov’s St., Kaliningrad, 236039

Director General

Yury Vatslalovich Balyuk

Contact phones 8 (4012)71-80-01; 8 011-271-80-01


[email protected]

Dmitry Donskoy’s Block LLC was registered on January 18, 2000, and later was incorporated in one of largest fishing companies in the Kaliningrad Region - FOR-Group.

In 1996 FOR-Group got three fishing freezer trawlers for operational management. In a year the Group had in its operational management large autonomous freezer trawlers of “Pulkovsky Meridian” type. By today FOR-Group manages ten large autonomous freezer trawlers with total daily capacity of up to 800 tons of fish products. All the vessels have European numbers and procure fish in the Northern, North-Eastern and Southern parts of the Atlantic.

Head office, as well a sales office of FOR-Group, is located in St. Petersburg. The vessels are managed and supplied with provision from Kaliningrad. Representative offices of FOR-Group are located in numerous regional centers, including Moscow, Yaroslavl, Omsk, Nizhny Novgorod and Samara. More than 1,000 people are employed at the holding.

FOR-Group consists of two fishing companies: Fishing Company FOR CJSC and Fishing Company Rybflot-FOR CJSC, procuring, processing and transporting fish products. Fishing Company FOR CJSC owns two vessels, and Fishing Company Rybflot-FOR CJSC manages six vessels. All the settlements with buyers of fish products and sellers of provision for FOR-Group are performed via its own financial company. Agency service and provision of ships, as well as customs operations with cargo and its transportation are carried out by FOR-Shipping LLC and FOR-Petersburg LLC. The Group also includes other companies performing storage and transportation of fish, sale of fish products and settlements with buyers.

Quality of products produced by FOR-Group is proved by the fact that most its part is exported. FOR successfully maintains numerous business relations throughout the world. Its partner companies are such as Aico Fleisch GmbH (Germany), Viamer Int (France), Scand Sea (Sweden), Apexpost Ltd (Great Britain), Barry Group (Canada), Blue Continent Products (Republic of South Africa), Nichirei Corp, Hanwa Go Ltd, and Marusen Chiyoda Suissan (Japan).