Far East Auction Fish House JSC holds training seminars on participation in aquatic biological resources and derivatives auctions in an electronic system.

The seminars are held for auction customers (sellers) and e-auction participants (buyers), as well as for all concerns (including representatives of governmental authorities, commercial and non-profit organizations, and students).

The seminars will enable the trainees to learn in short terms specific features of auctions for aquatic bioresources purchase and sale on an electronic trading floor.

The program of each seminar comprises a theoretical part with explanations of the law and the fish auction organization and conducting process, participation in an auction on an electronic trading floor, including requirements to auction participants, procedure for accreditation as an auction participant or customer, registration in the e-system, submission of an application, bidding through remote access, procedure for selecting the most successful bidder, signing final protocols etc.

Types and forms of training at the seminars:

•open seminars,

•closed corporate seminars at the requests of organizations (at contract price).

Hand-outs are provided for each trainee.

Open seminars are held weekly, at 14.30-17.30 on Thursday

To get enlisted for a seminar please call: 8(423)227-9913; 8(423)227-9531.

Or send an electronic application form at [email protected].