Dear trading participants!!

The 1st of January 2014 is an effective date of  Saint-Petersburg Exchange JSC Rulesfor Trading on the Commodity Market developed in accordance with the requirements of the federal laws No. 325-FZ of 21.11.2011 “On organized trading” and No. 7-FZ of 07.02.2011 “On clearing and clearing activities” that determine the possibility of making transactions on the basis of public securities bid for trading participants members of clearing in the clearing organization Settlement and Depository Company JSC only.

Due to the above, in order to become a clearing member, all the participants planning to make transactions on the basis of public securities bid must make contracts for clearing services with Settlement and Depository Company JSC.

For any questions about accreditation as a Clearing Member on Saint-Petersburg Exchange JSC commodity market please call Customer Service Office of Settlement and Depository Company JSC Clearing Service Department (495) 380-1325, (495) 380-1326 (phone/fax) or by e-mail: [email protected].

Conditions, service rendering procedure, scope of services, payment amount and terms,, other rights and responsibilities related to clearing service of the trading participants who have made contracts for clearing services with Settlement and Depository Company JSC are prescribed by Clearing Activity Rules of Settlement and Depository Company JSC..

Please pay your attention to the following:

1. if trading is required in the form of making Contracts on the basis of public security bids (two-way auction), a trading participant must, one day before the auction commencement, provide the Exchange with information on instruments (commodities), if such tools are missing from the List of Exchange Instruments qualifying, for servicing by clearing organization Settlement and Depository Company JSC.

2. Trading participants planning to sale (purchase) of real commodities must ensure that registered commodity security is available in their position register, or that funds (guarantee deposit) have been remitted in advance (one day before the auction starts), as information on guarantee deposit availability is handed over by the clearing organization to the Exchange once a day (one hour before the bidding).