TradEX broker system

TradEX broker system is a software package that offers broker company clients the possibility to trade real time on Russian trading floors. For broker companies TradEX provides a set of tools for the client pool administration.

TradEX consists of a system server and client workbenches. The system server is connected to the exchange gateway server. Clients are connected to TradEX server via Internet.


TradEX server ensures receiving data on auctions from exchanges and retranslates the data to client terminals. A client possesses all the current data on market situation and can make his operations via his terminal.

One of the advantages of TradEX is that brokers using the software do not need to perform maintenance and technical support, for this functions are performed by the Exchange and brokers are released from any additional expenses on technical and program support.

In order to take part in test trading you need to get registered.

To install the software please perform the following operations:

Install a distribution kit of TradEX trading terminal
Install Microsoft .NET framework 3.5 library (required for TradEX work with Windows XP)

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