Commodity Market

Presently, Far East Fish Exchange JSC is operated through the exchange floor of Saint-Petersburg Exchange JSC.

Exchange market of Saint-Petersburg Exchange JSC is one of the first exchange markets in the modern history of Russia. The first trading in the exchange commodities were conducted on April 10, 1991.

The main functions of the exchange commodity market are as follows:

- creation of pure competition conditions for conducting organized trading in exchange commodities;
- exchange trading and registration of exchange and off-exchange transactions;
- analysis of the factors that influence supply and demand dynamics for various commodity groups.

Saint-Petersburg Exchange JSC performs its activities under Exchange  License No. 078-006 оof 12.13.2013 and in accordance with the Saint-Petersburg Exchange JSC Rules for Trading on the Commodity Market (registered by Russian Bank service for financial markets).

Participants in a bidding process on the commodity market enjoy the following advantages:

- conditions for open market price competition; 
- unified terms of delivery (methods of shipment, terms etc.) and payment that considerably reduce the number of approvals required for each transaction;
- elimination of the risk of “personal interest” of company staff that may occur when selecting a counterpart for a transaction;
- opportunities for a more precise financial planning and determination of the product prime cost.

For any questions about participation in trading please call:

тел. 8 (914) 790-95-36, (812) 322-74-90

e-mail: [email protected], [email protected]