Far East Auction Fish House JSC

Was established on February 19, 2014 at the initiative of the Association of Fish Processing Complexes and Equipment Designers, Manufacturers and Suppliers as Far East Fish Exchange CJSC. On June 3, 2015 it was renamed into Joint Stock Company Far East Auction Fish House.


establishment of an efficient sale system of Russian caught water biological resources and their derivative products at the internal and external markets


  • A partner of Saint-Petersburg Exchange JSC and a representative of its interests in the Far East of the Russian Federation. Saint-Petersburg Exchange JSC has an exchange license No. 078-006 dated 13.12.2013. 

  • A pilot project, unique in our country, aimed at creation of an efficient financial and economic tool of cooperation between fish mongers, fish processors and consumers of fish products, which enables unification of the Far East of Russia into a single trade system with western regions and allocation of an additional flow of high-quality fish and sea products to the internal market of the country.


     Organizes its work based on a principle of three “C”: