International experience in the auction and exchange trading of marine biological resources



Salmon Exchange «Fish Pool»


It has a license of the Ministry of Finance of Norway, established by Oslo Stock Exchange, on the exchange are realized contracts for the supply of fish products, presentation has been prepared by specialists of Salmon Exchange «Fish Pool»



Research the value of using auction (electronic) trade of water biological resources for Iceland (United Nations University, Reykjavik, Iceland)

The study noted great importance of water bioresources auction trading for the successful work of law enforcement bodies in this area and to establish the so-called "correct" prices for fish products.


Group of fish markets and electronic auctions of marine biological resources, 50% of the fish market in Iceland

Reiknistofa fiskmarkaða hf

Electronic auctions of marine biological resources, Iceland


 South Korea

Busan International Fish Market

Ecommerce imported fish products



Belarusian Universal Commodity Exchange

On the exchange is not platform of marine biological resources, but interesting experience in implementation of similar types of goods, such as meat, milk and other food products on the internal and foreign market



Vesti-Khabarovsk. Experience in Asia-Pacific countries in the establishment of electronic fish market

The catch of the Far Eastern fishermen, including fishing companies of Khabarovsk Krai - should form the basis of fish lots of electronic exchange created in Russia. At the same time its organizers intend to take into account the experience of the Asia-Pacific region.