Exchange Trading of fish products during the Eastern Economic Forum 2017.


In order to facilitate accelerated development of the economy of the Far East and the expansion of international cooperation in the Asia-Pacific region in the period from 6 to 7 September 2017 Vladivostok will host the 3rd Eastern Economic Forum with the participation of the First persons of the Russian Federation and other countries of the Asia-Pacific region.

In the framework of the forum it is planned to hold auctions for the sale of products from aquatic bioresourses and special trading sessions on the commodity market of the exchange "Saint-Petersburg" JSC with a demonstration of the trading process, stock quotes, and information about the participant on the stand of the Federal Agency for Fisheries.

We offer Your company to participate in these events.

On the organization of auctions and participation in Exchange trading, please contact the Department of the commodity market of the Exchange "Saint Petersburg", JSC, tel: +7 (812) 322-76-46, 322-37-79, E-mail: [email protected] or Far East Auction Fish House, JSC.: +7(423) 245-04-29, +7(423) 270-95-36, e-mail:[email protected].


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