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Republic of Crimea has received access to the fish exchange

Purchase of fish directly from manufacturers and sell to the auction and exchange trading of fishery products originating in the Republic of Crimea, became the subject of a tripartite agreement between the "SPE" Krymryba "Exchange" Saint Petersburg "and JSC" Darden ".

To date, the scope of activity of the commercial organization "Scientific and Production Enterprise" Krymryba ", the sole founder of which is the Republic of Crimea, includes a wide range of issues - from research to production and processing of aquatic biological resources. Since February this year the State Unitary Enterprise has been able to draw on the tools of exchange and auction trade.

Appropriate tripartite agreement on cooperation and partnership was signed by leaders of the "NPP" Krymryba "Exchange" Saint Petersburg "and Far Eastern fish auction house.

As told Fishnews General Director of JSC "Dard" Sergei Lelyukhin, the main interest for the Republic of Crimea is fish products Kamchatka, Sakhalin and Kaliningrad fishermen, which is now exhibited in the electronic trading on the floor of the Exchange "Saint Petersburg".

"Within the framework of the contract" Krymryba "able to procure raw materials and other products of living aquatic resources for companies and institutions are registered in the republic. It is very important for our new partners as goods put up for auction by the manufacturer. This means that in addition to high quality and wide range of Crimeans and get the best price for fish products, with no extra charge numerous intermediaries.

In addition, it is possible to use the services of wholesale and distribution center, which recently came into our complex structure for the auction and exchange trading water bioresources and offers special conditions for storage and delivery of goods purchased at auction, "- said the head of the fish auction house.

Besides the possibility of procurement, the agreement implies the creation of an effective marketing system catches and fish products made by the enterprises of the Republic of Crimea.

"The next step after the conclusion of the agreement is to create a" road map "for the implementation of the plans. I am sure that the tools of exchange and auction trade can help saturate the market of the Crimea and Sevastopol diverse and high-quality fish products at the most attractive prices ", - said Sergey Lelyukhin.


Date: 20.02.2016 All news