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Cluster without engineering - money down the drain

The design scheme of the Far Eastern fish processing cluster lacks the key element - Engineering and consulting company, noted in ARPPRKO. Meanwhile, competent account of the economic model of the future project and its management model allows customers to reduce the risks to a minimum and performers.

The concept of fish-processing cluster, which is part of the presidential planned orders created in the Far East, reviewed in the Association of developers, manufacturers and suppliers of fish processing facilities and equipment (ARPPRKO). Huge processing, refrigeration and storage facilities, which are described among the priority projects, call a professional interest of Russian engineers.

Recall the main zone divisions or cluster will be placed on Sakhalin, the Kuril Islands, in Kamchatka and Primorye. Each of them will be focused on the specifics of the region. Most large-scale investment should join the projects proposed for the Primorye Territory. Here, by design, must be developed and the main building of new facilities under the cluster.

Deadlines implementation of presidential orders and activity, which Rosrybolovstvo Minvostokrazvitiya and started to work, require clear, most thoughtful action, and first of all it refers to the technical side, the members of ARPPRKO noted. All the more so now at each of the projects proposed by developers there is a lot of serious questions.

- With the help of the cluster, to undertake the ambitious task - processing in the country most of the Russian catches. It sets ambitious objectives, primarily to engineers who will be involved in the design and construction of facilities, - said the president ARPPRKO Sergei Lelyukhin.

It reduces risks correct calculation
According to members of ARPP RKO, today in the design scheme of the cluster lacks the key element - the realization of the stated objects of the management structure. This is a general contractor or engineering and consulting organization.
- The developers say the cluster concept of serious volumes of production, investment, revenue projects, etc. But all this is very approximate, this data is not to be trusted. Control calculation should engage experts who will be able to take responsibility for the figures, - the general director of LLC "Institute" Dalrybproekt "Anatoly Barabash.
According to the presentation, and by the developers of the cluster concept lacks an understanding of how to implement projects of this magnitude, it is believed in the Association.
- At the moment there is no vision of a large-scale implementation of the proposed scheme is the picture drawn by rough strokes. But the ability to do all of these projects have realistic. Proper economic calculation and proper project management model allows you to control structures and companies, customers reduce risk to a minimum. And it requires engineering which precedes the design, - pointed out the missing link in the concept of the Far East Fish Processing Cluster General Director of "Technological equipment" Oleg Komarov.
According to him, in the field of engineering experts draw as an economic model for the future of the project, and the management model of its implementation process.
- Without these payments the customer or investor expectations can result in huge losses - warns Oleg Komarov.
Knowledge and experience of Russian specialists in this field could be very useful in the implementation of the cluster concept, confident development of the Association of Manufacturers and Suppliers of fish processing facilities and equipment.
Bidding for the established pattern
Another project, proposed as part of the cluster, - wholesale and distribution center "Vladivostok". According to the authors of the project, it is one of the largest in the Asia-Pacific region, the centers of the auction trade in fish and seafood can be arranged. However, in this case for the implementation of the plans may require much less time and money than planned, believed in the association.
- On the territory of Primorsky Krai today there is a complete system for auctions and stock trading. Trades carried out on the site of the Exchange "Saint Petersburg" in cooperation with Far Eastern fish auction house. It is a fully working scheme, - said Sergey Lelyukhin.
According to him, this mechanism can be applied to future ORC "Vladivostok", which will help to avoid mistakes in the early stages of a new project and to proceed immediately to a full-fledged trading.
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