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From the seller to the buyer - at special rates

Complex for auction and exchange trading of living aquatic resources and their products presented retailers and fishermen of Primorye. New opportunities opened trading participants fish wholesale distribution center, recently included in the structure of the complex.

Meeting with the leaders of retail chains on the auction and exchange trade fishery products held on February 5 in the Primorye administration. The discussion was organized on the topical subject of licensing and trading department, with the assistance of the Department of Fisheries edge.

The leading players of the seaside reteyla and individual entrepreneurs engaged in trade, as well as representatives of the fishing companies have presented opportunities Complex for auction and stock trading fish products, operating in the Primorsky Territory. On the advantages of these types of e-commerce, as well as new opportunities for storage and transportation for special rates of production, which is implemented through the exchange and the auction, told representatives of the Far Eastern fish auction house.

The scheme, developed to date, entirely created on the initiative of the business on the basis of agreements between the operating companies. Trades carried out on the site of the Exchange "Saint Petersburg" in cooperation with "Dard" JSC. Specialists of the auction house fish provide training, consulting existing players and potential bidders, providing brokerage services.

In addition, under an agreement with an independent laboratory performed testing and quality assurance of products, put up for auction. In the coming days is expected to sign an agreement with the insurance company for the provision of services to participants of the fish auction.

Since February of this year as part of the next agreement system for auctions and stock trading was wholesale and distribution center in the Primorsky Territory.

"Signing the contract with the company" Trust ", we were able to make the basis of the delivery of the auction and the exchange of products of the warehouse - modern refrigeration complex for 5,000 tons, located in Vladivostok, with convenient access roads and a railway line," - said Fishnews General Director of JSC "Far East fish auction house "Sergey Lelyukhin.

The new partner is ready to provide services for the transfer and storage of products, sending any type of transport and transport own refrigerated trucks, and packing large consignments of fishery products for retailers. "But most importantly - all of these services will be carried out by special tariffs. Including storage without the use of a progressive scale for the auction and exchange products. This is certainly a positive impact on the final price of the goods ", - said the head of Darden.

The draft provoked a substantive interest of representatives of businesses and regional authorities. Questions could answer themselves producers exposing fish products for sale - by far the company's Kamchatka Krai, Sakhalin and Kaliningrad regions.

"Now we can already talk about the creation of a full set for the auction, and exchange trade in the Primorsky Territory. It is a fully working site. In the future, it will be connected and the other participants, the relevant negotiations today. But most importantly, that the scheme is designed, it allows for a direct turnover of fishery products from the manufacturer to the buyer using exchange and auction mechanisms that fully complies with orders of the president of Russia "," - said Sergey Lelyukhin.

According to him, the initiators of the project are interested in attracting to his implementing government agencies. Recall that in September 2015, on the East Dard Economic Forum representatives have signed a number of agreements, including the administration of Primorye and Kamchatka Territory Development Corporation. At the end of the current meeting, Far Eastern fish auction house intends to send to the governor of Primorye invitation for cooperation, taking into account the new opportunities created by business complexes for auction and stock fish trade.



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