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Auction navaga of "Friendship"

On fisheries saffron cod in the Gulf of Patience leads, of course, fishing collective farm "Druzhba", which has the largest quota and exhibited daily in the sea ten vessels - five pairs of small seiners for twin trawls. Catch of farmers close to two thousand tons.

But it is important to not only catch fish, but to sell it for the benefit of the economy. From this year the fish farm began to use this method of product sales as the auction trade. To this end, last year he was registered on the stock exchange - even before the Sakhalin started talking about the necessity of electronic trading. Simply put, it turned out in their actions one step ahead.

January 14, the first in this year's auction at the site of the exchange, "St. Petersburg", organized by the Far Eastern fish auction house. auction Customer and became the Fish Farm "Friendship". With the hammer went 20 tons caught in the Gulf of Patience navaga freshest natural freezing (voroshёnki).

The first experience as the chairman of a collective farm Dolgushin Andrey Leonidovich, was successful: the catch is implemented in the most minimal time and, more importantly, the money almost on the same day "dripped" on the farm bill. And as soon as the shipment is navaga buyer.

As reported in the Far Eastern fish auction house says FISHNEWS, the final price was significantly below the average Primorye wholesale - 66 rubles per kilogram against 75-80 rubles, for which the same navaga today offer intermediaries in Vladivostok. And this does not include delivery from Sakhalin, which increases the cost of each kilogram of fish for another 8-10 rubles.

Therefore, the result of all trades are satisfied: the seller - the fishing collective farm, sell products at a reasonable price, and the buyer - a company of the Primorsky Territory, which independently carries out retail sales of fishery products, bypassing the additional links in the trade chain.

Exchange auctions have shown their efficiency, and therefore the fish farm "Druzhba" registered also on the Sakhalin fish market.

Recall, auction and exchange trading of living aquatic resources is reflected in the list of orders that President Vladimir Putin has signed after a meeting of the presidium of the State Council. According to experts, the problem is related to the organization of auctions and stock trading Russian fish is very crucial, especially in the context of economic sanctions and the fall of the ruble. Auctions and stock trading is one of the most effective instruments of influence on the final price of goods without the direct intervention of the state and the establishment of any restrictions. Moreover, such a scheme of direct cooperation with the producer of fish products direct seller without numerous intermediaries is beneficial for both sides. Now we have to wait for our business will get used to the new working tool for themselves, cease to look for the catch in the mechanism of the auction and exchange trading, and will actively participate in this process advantageous for himself.

"Fisherman of Sakhalin» № 2 dated January 21, 2016

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