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Business is an expert in the trades

For execution of the order by the president of the organization and exchange of fish auction sites in the regions should be involved in the process of industrialists and the general public, the general director of JSC "Far Eastern fish auction house" Sergey Lelyukhin.

Prior to March 1, 2016 from the Government waiting for proposals for the organization of the auction and exchange trading of living aquatic resources - such term is defined in the instructions for the end of October the President of the Presidium of the State Council. And this time, there is every reason to believe that the problem will still be performed. Unlike 2013, when the theme auction sites are also raised in the list of presidential instructions, today state that performers already have to analyze - Russia has got its own experience of electronic fish auction.

May 29, 2015, on the eve of the "red" fishing season in the Far East, at the site of the Stock Exchange "Saint Petersburg", in cooperation with the Far Eastern fish auction house held the first auction for the sale of products of the future of salmon catches.

In September 2015 he signed at the Eastern Economic Forum Darden several agreements, including the administration of Primorye and Kamchatka Territory Development Corporation.

By December of this year at the site of the Stock Exchange "Saint Petersburg" and the Far Eastern fish auction house on the results of more than 260 auctions have been sold more than 766 tonnes of fish products in the amount of 82.5 million. Rubles.

According to General Director of JSC "Far Eastern fish auction house" Sergey Lelyukhin, interesting to see how the changes related to the auction and exchange trade in a professional environment, from cautious distrust to the subject of interest and even active participation. Against this background, the state environment in general is still more conservative: it business initiatives for the introduction of new market mechanisms meet cool. public officials are often reluctant to promote exchange platform, arguing that failure to "lobby for the interests of commercial structures." However, speculators themselves see the situation from a different angle.

"This interpretation seems to me to be wrong. After the execution order of the President can not be lobbying for the interests of some private structure - is to promote the interests of Russia, which, in turn, is a direct challenge each official. Especially that within two months they will have to report to the Government on the work of the organization and exchange of fish auction sites in their regions. Without community involvement industrialists and public administrations to this problem can not be solved ", - said the head of Fishnews fish auction house.

It was on this now, and Darden specialists work. Not pursuing the goal to monopolize its position, the organizers already existing exchange and auction sites are trying to involve the development of its wide range of fishermen from different regions. They, according to Sergei Lelyukhin opinion, should determine price policy, to participate in the grinding of trading rules offer better solutions of logistic issues, etc.

This open policy has already attracted the attention of not only the Far-Eastern fishermen, but also their colleagues and, of course, buyers of the central and western regions, including Kaliningrad. The more interactive format that allows communication to train and work effectively with all bidders anywhere in the world.

"The format of our stock and auction sites fit into any cluster structure. Moreover, it is important to understand that such a structure simply can not exist without a trading system: fish without implementing the turnover will rise. But before you fish clusters will be established, trading technology necessary to develop and improve what we are doing today, "- said General Director of JSC" Darden ".

However, he said, to date, the fishing companies are reluctant to respond to the proposals put their goods on a stock exchange or auction. And in this they can understand. "Perhaps they remember the experience of previous years and expect that we will begin to provide them some influence, establish their own rules and dictate terms, thus depriving them of income - says Sergey Lelyukhin. - But we just try to offer them more, simple and accessible mechanisms for their products, promote it in the western part of Russia. This is the path of civilized trade, what is more important - voluntary, in which no one loses, but only gets. "

The full text, see "Close-up" on Fishnews site.

Date: 24.12.2015 All news