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Development of the exchange platform attracts millions of investment in Primorye

A center for auction and stock trading with aquatic bioresources and their derivative products at the internal and external markets will be built within the borders of free port Vladivostok.

An agreement of intent to implement this project was signed at the site of Eastern Economic Forum that took place in Primorsky Krai on September 3-5 between Administration of the region and Far East Auction Fish House JSC.

With the assistance of Administration of the region Auction Fish House plans not only to raise no less than 954 mln rubles of investments, including using its own fund, but also to introduce no less than 213 new workplaces.

The project provides for construction of refrigeration capacities, complexes for aquatic bioresources processing, an office building and other necessary infrastructure. “A need for a fish cluster exists not only in Primorsky Krai but in Russia in general. Creation of stock and auction trading floor facilitates attraction of new trade flows into the region. But one of the main tasks is to enhance level of fish processing ashore,” said Governor of Primorsky Krai, Vladimir Miklushevsky, when signing the agreement.

Note that during EEF, apart from agreements with Primorsky Krai Administration, FAFH JSC and Corporation of Kamchatka Region Development JSC signed an agreement for creation of an interregional center for auction and stock trading with WBR and their derivative products. In particular, it provides for construction in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatski and Vladivostok of multifunctional facilities with refrigeration warehouses and halls for product inspection.

«“During Eastern Economic Forum we conducted a series of productive negotiations and signed two agreements – with government of the Kamchatka Region and Primorsky Krai. We expect that agreements made will be implemented in practice, so that fishermen could get a chance to choose a trading floor where they could sell their products, that will suit them best of all in terms of its location and infrastructural support,” said Director General of Far East Auction Fish House, Sergey Lelyukhin, to Fishnews.

One of the main advantages of electronic stock and auction trading is its transparency. “An electronic trading system excludes intervention of a subjective factor, eliminates grey schemes and unnecessary intermediaries. As a result a consumer will win too thanks to quality improvement and cost reduction,” added head of FAHF JSC.


Date: 07.09.2015 All news