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Almost One Billion Rubles Will Be Invested into the Center for Auction and Stock Trading with Aquatic bioresources in Primorsky Krai

Almost one billion rubles will be invested into development of the fishing industry center in Primorsky Krai. A corresponding agreement was signed by the Governor of the Primorsky Krai, Vladimir Muklushevsky, and Far East Auction Fish House today, on September 5, within the frames of Eastern Economic Forum.

The auction and stock trading floor already works, and it is the only one in Russia. Yesterday on September 4 the fourth bidding was held there. The trading floor in Primorsky Krai polishes stock trading technologies, takes into account drawbacks, and attracts more and more participants every time.

Today 1.7 million tons of fish products are registered in ports of Primorsky Krai, which makes up 77% of total volume of the Far East Basin. The trading floor accumulates products and helps to sell it in the region.

Auction and stock trading helps to increase transparency and reduce risks both for sellers and buyers. Growth in competition guarantees product quality. All this, undoubtedly, will facilitate development of the fisheries industries in the region.

According to investors, a stock and auction trading floor is a base of any fisheries complex, since even the most qualitative production means nothing without an efficient sales system.

«“An electronic bidding system excludes intervention of a subjective factor, eliminates grey schemes and unnecessary intermediaries. Thus, according to FAS, up to 60% of end cost of products is a result of grey schemes. Finally, a consumer will win too thanks to improvement of product quality and reduction of costs,” noted Director General of Far East Auction Fish House, Sergey Lelyukhin.

The next stage of agreement implementation is construction of refrigeration capacities, complexes for processing of bioresources in Vladivostok, as well as an office building, in order to unite here representatives of the fisheries industry in the Far East Region.

“A need for a fish cluster exists not only in Primorsky Krai but in Russia in general. Creation of stock and auction trading floor facilitates attraction of new trade flows into the region. But one of the main tasks is to enhance level of fish processing ashore,” said Governor of Primorsky Krai, Vladimir Miklushevsky.

Let us remind you that on September 3-5 campus of the Far Eastern Federal University on Russky Island hosted the first Eastern Economic Forum with the participation of representatives from 31 countries of the world.

Eastern Economic Forum will help initiators of new projects to find investors, while Primorsky Krai will demonstrate a vector of regional economic model development in the midterm. Thus, Primorsky Krai presented more than 30 projects at the Forum, including territories of priority development, a special economic zone, free port Vladivostok and an integrated Primorye entertainment resort area.

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Date: 05.09.2015 All news