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The Kamchatka Region Got a Functional Stock Trading Floor for Fish

 An agreement for creation of an Interregional Center for Auction and Stock Trading with Fish Products was made at Eastern Economic Forum. This large-scale project will be implemented by Corporation of Kamchatka Region Development and Far East Auction Fish House.

On the second day of Eastern Economic Forum an agreement for cooperation and partnership between Corporation of Kamchatka Region Development JSC and Far East Auction Fish House JSC (FAFH) was made. Goal of the agreement is to create an interregional complex for auction and stock trading with aquatic bioresources and their derivative products at the internal and external markets.

Actual e-auction trading with fish products from the Far East is held at the trading floor of Saint Petersburg Exchange in cooperation with FAFH JSC from May of this year. The first products being sold within such format are salmon, caviar and fish oil manufactured by Kamchatka company Koryakmoreproduct. Before September 1 all winners of the bidding received their lots of fresh fish products at the most favorable price.

Within the frames of agreement made within the frames of EEF, relationships between the Kamchatka Region and Auction Fish House will gain considerable development. In particular, according to a correspondent of Fishnews, apart from an electronic trading floor which already functions in the Vladivostok office of FAFH, there will be opened other representative offices in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatski and Moscow within the frames of the project.

Besides that, in the years to come an investment project on creation of the interregional center for auction and stock trading with WBR and their derivative products manufactured by Kamchatka entrepreneurs on the base of Far East Auction Fish House will be implemented together with Corporation of Kamchatka Region Development JSC within the frames of public private partnership and in accordance with decrees of the President of Russia. It provides for construction in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatski of multifunctional facilities with refrigeration warehouses and halls for product inspection.

- We signed an agreement for creation of a fish exchange. Note that actually we used this mechanism but now we fixed it on the paper. I am sure that the exchange will become a good stimulus for implementation of many investment projects, since the exchange offers guaranteed sale of raw materials and products. This is a transparent mechanism that will lead our fisheries industry to a qualitatively new level of development corresponding to the world standards, - said Acting Governor of the Kamchatka Region, Vladimir Ilyukhin, to Fishnews correspondent.

According to representatives of the exchange, a developed mechanism of e-auction for fish products will become an extra tool for development of economics in the whole region.

- Saint Petersburg Exchange, an official representative of which is Far East Auction Fish House, is not just the oldest stock trading floor in Russia, but the only organization licensed for conduct of stock trading for sale of aquatic bioresources by today. We are sure that experience and possibilities of this trading floor will be helpful and popular among fishermen and buyers of fish products from the Far East both in Russia and abroad, - commented Director General of Far East Auction Fish House JSC, Sergey Lelyukhin.

Note that this very day, on September 4, another actual bidding for sale of Kamchatka fish products will be held at FAFH trading floor within the frames of Eastern Economic Forum.



Date: 04.09.2015 All news