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Future Analysts Get Acquainted with Work of the Fish Auction

Students of FEFU were invited for doing practical work at Far East Auction Fish House. Solutions offered by future specialists in IT sphere have already been applied in everyday work of the electronic trading floor.

IT-related specialties are very popular among young people and are of interest for employers. However, after graduation a young specialist often faces a traditional problem – absence of sufficient on-the-job training in the major profile. Students rarely have a chance to apply their knowledge in real life while studying, especially in new modern directions. As a rule, practical training is done right in the department. However, this year students of FEFU School of Economics and Management studying the specialty of “Business Informatics” got a chance to apply their knowledge, obtained in University rooms, in real life on the trading floor of Far East Auction Fish House.

“For two weeks we have been developing a database for optimization of a working process for company employees. For this purpose we analyzed all available information base, organized it into a uniform table and created user-friendly interface so that they could easily add transactions, new auction participants, lots etc.”, told a third year student of FEFU Kristina Ryabokon’ to Fishnews correspondent about work performed during her practical training.

Importance of such direct interaction of students with practicing specialists was also marked in Far East Auction Fish House. According to Head of the Department for Auction and Stock Trading, Anna Veis, at first it was a bit unclear how theory that was learned by students during studying can be used in practice, but the result pleased everybody. “Girls managed to quickly and qualitatively process a big amount of non-systemic data, and as a result we obtained convenient software and a capacious and informative database. With time it will be replenished with new data necessary in our everyday work”, noted Anna Veis.

In the nearest weeks a new group of placement students will have to work at other, also interesting issues. “We are to solve a task of making a forecast of prices for fish products for the nearest months taking into account influence of all possible factors. We will have to analyze available information and statistics about prices, sales procedure, and auction results, in order to get an approximate idea about starting prices that can be set at the auctions”, told student of FEFU Aleksandr Malyshevsky.

When evaluating work of the future specialists, Director General of Far East Auction Fish House JSC, Sergey Lelyukhin, one again underlines its applied significance. “Analysis of statistics and forecasting are tools of the utmost importance for exchange functioning. Our young colleagues will help us to orient in the market situation in the midterm. This is necessary in order to form at the auction prices that will be attractive for the participants – lower than market ones but optimal for sellers”, explained the representative of the Fish Exchange.

At the same time, according to his words, the Auction House does not plan to part with the students for a long time: all the placement students are invited to the coming auctions and other events in order to show them live work of the Exchange.

“Young specialists need reference to practice, already now they are to understand where they will have a chance to find their niche in specialty in the future. We will try to organize that very link between science and business, which is now often spoken about at the governmental level. Thus, students also get a chance to meet their potential employers, and business – to have a look at the talented youth in order to find young personnel,” noted Sergey Lelyukhin.

Moreover, the Auction House invited representatives of ministries and institutions to familiarize them with work of the first electronic trading floor intended for sale of fish products directly by their manufacturers, added the representative of the Exchange.

Let us remind you that experience of the first auctions for sale of aquatic bioresources at the trading floor of Saint-Petersburg Exchange JSC together with Far East Auction Fish House JSC was marked by the Ministry for the Development of the Russian Far East as an example of mutually profitable cooperation of Petersburg businessmen and Far Eastern partners.

“We will be glad to invite representatives of Ministry for the Development of the Russian Far East (there is also an office of the Ministry on Russky Island now, in the central building of FEFU) to familiarize them with work of our trading floor. The more so now we got a chance to also tell them about experience of attraction Far Eastern Federal University students into work of in such a modern and perspective sphere as electronic stock trading”, reported Director General of Far East Auction Fish House JSC.


Date: 16.07.2015 All news