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Fishery Exchange Took into Account Experience of the First Bidding

On June 17 Far East Auction Fish House JSC (Far East Fish Exchange) will hold the next auction for sale of aquatic bioresources and their derivative products. 28 lots are put up for tender: humpback salmon, chum salmon, salmon roe and fish oil.

The client of the auction is Kamchatka fishing company Koryakmoreproduct LLC. The following types of products are put up for tender: humpback salmon HG (total amount – 500 tons), humpback salmon gutted, HON (500 tons), humpback salmon round (300 tons), frozen saccate roe (humpback salmon) (50 tons), fresh frozen roe (5 tons), grained frozen salmon roe (chum salmon) (105.6 kg), salted roe (10 tons), chum salmon HG (360 tons), medicinal fish oil (6 tons), and salmon oil (Omega-3) (50 crates).

The bidding is held at the trading floor of Far East Fish Exchange, which after June 1 was renamed into Far East Auction Fish House JSC.

This time auction organizers took into account experience of the first bidding and changed lot sizes. “During the previous auction we faced a problem that lots sizes were too big for many potential participants. Not all the companies are ready to buy 100-180 tons of fish products. We got applications for 20 tons and less and had to refuse from these biddings. We took this issue into account and declared more differentiated initial lot sizes for the coming auction”, told Director General of Far East Auction Fish House JSC, Sergey Lelyukhin.

At the oncoming biddings a buyer can choose lots from 50 to 150 tons.

Price change spacing has become less too, which, in the opinion of the organizers, shall secure more active competition at the bidding.

More detailed description of the lots, information about product quality, as well as conditions and procedure of bidding conduct are available at the website of Far East Fish Exchange.

The auction will take place on June 17; the bidding begins at 16:00 Vladivostok time (9:00 Moscow time). Place of conduct – off.318, 42 Kalinina St., Vladivostok.

Organizer of the auction – Saint-Petersburg Exchange JSC.

The following biddings are planned on July 7, 2015.


Date: 16.06.2015 All news